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Genteel Butterfly Touch Lancet Review

By Samuel Kolodney 2 years ago 2898 Views No comments

If you have ever had to repeatedly stick yourself with a lancet to draw blood, you know what it is like to experience anxiety just before you initiate the lancing device to prick your finger and obtain the blood sample.

I am grateful I do not personally have to do this for my health but as part of my job I test out the products offered on Doctor's Option to ensure they live up to the claims made by the manufacturer. I have to say that after looking at the research, I was optimistic that this new Butterfly Touch Lancet by Genteel would live up to its promise as a pain free lancet and I was not disappointed.

The design of these lancets is unique, it is not a single gauge. If you look closely at the point, you can see it is tapered on an angle that allows it to penetrate the surface of the skin painlessly and gets thicker toward the base in order to create a hole that is sufficiently wide to enable the blood to flow to the surface to form an adequate sample.

In reviewing the research, I found that the developers at Genteel did a complete scientific study on 32 of the leading lancets and literally examined them under a microscope to see what physical properties where responsible for obtaining an adequate blood sample with the least amount of associated pain. They assigned a number called a Figure of Merit to each lancet they tested.

The Figure of Merit number is calculated by the average micro-liters of blood obtained in the sample divided by the average subjective pain level (1-10) given by all subjects for each lancet. The lancet with the highest Figure of Merit was the one that got the highest amount of blood with the least amount of pain.

Characteristics of needle design, such as number and angle of facet cuts in the tip, needle diameter, flexibility of the shaft, and level of needle polish were analyzed and compared to each lancet’s Figure of Merit. The result of the study is that Genteel’s engineers were able to positively identify the properties that were associated with better performance. They then incorporated all the best features of the lancets with the highest Figures of Merit into a new lancet called the “Butterfly Touch”.

Once the product was developed, the Butterfly Touch Lancet, performed 27.7% better than the average of the next two highest performing, commercially available lancets.

I found this methodology fascinating and logical. I couldn't wait to try it out! When the sample arrived I loaded my Genteel Lancing Instrument with a Butterfly Touch Lancet and went to it. As you can see from the picture below, the first lancing experience was so painless that I immediately did it again to see if I could repeat the results. It definitely works and I can see why Dr. Richard K. Bernstein has decided that these are the only lancets he purchases for his personal use.

You have to try it for yourself! Get a box of 100 Butterfly Touch Lancets today.

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