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​What is a normal fasting blood sugar?

By Samuel Kolodney 2 years ago 1403 Views No comments

There is a lot of information about “normal” blood sugar levels floating around the internet from many sources but the science paints a clear picture that isn’t always described by the various recommendations.

I find it interesting that the American Diabetes Association, along with other reputable organizations, suggests blood glucose level targets for most nonpregnant adults with diabetes that do not account for the relative risks of higher blood sugars. An example of this is the ADA recommendation of a fasting blood sugar of between 80–130 mg/dl. You can see the recommendation at this link

This number leaves out mention of a study published on another ADA website that concludes:

Fasting blood glucose values in the upper normal range appears to be an important independent predictor of cardiovascular death in nondiabetic apparently healthy middle-aged men.

More importantly, the study describes the “upper normal range” as being above 85mg/dl.

You can read an abstract of the study for yourself here.

The question that immediately comes to my mind is why do the suggested numbers in this recommendation skew dangerously high? The facts contained in the study clearly point to the need to keep fasting blood sugars below 85. In fact, Dr. Richard K. Bernstein maintains his blood sugar at 83 mg/dl and as a type 1 diabetic has kept them there for the last 50 years. He is now 82 years old and has no complications commonly associated with diabetes.

The research shows the optimal fasting blood sugar is between 80-84 mg/dl

Dr. Bernstein details how to achieve normal blood sugars in his best-selling book Diabetes Solution. Learn more at:

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