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Mobile Alert System To Call & Text Caregivers Directly

By Samuel Kolodney 2 years ago 1269 Views No comments


Finally, A Mobile Medical Alert Device Dials & Texts Your Caregiver.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each year one out of four seniors age 65 or older reports a fall. Regardless of whether they are seriously injured, seniors who live independently often limit their daily activities because of a fear of falling. These self-limiting behaviors can lead to physical decline, feelings of isolation and depression.

Seniors, who live on their own, report feeling safer and more secure when they have a medical alarm button. Unfortunately, many seniors resist calling the professional monitoring center associated with their alarm unless they think it is a life or death emergency. Poor judgements made after a fall can have serious consequences. RescueTouch innovative CareCallers™ train wearers to call every time a fall occurs, especially when they are not sure it is serious.

When the CareCaller SOS button is pressed, it directly sends a text notification and then calls up to three user-programmable contacts that may include caregivers, family, neighbors, or friends. The text message alerts all contacts, provides the wearer’s name, date and time of the SOS, GPS location of the wearer, and even provides a link to a Google map to make it easy to find a senior who may be disoriented. A call is then placed to the three contacts on the list in order of priority. If the first contact does not answer, the CareCaller™ dials the second number and then the third number. This process is repeated for up to five minutes. Once the call is connected, a built-in two-way speakerphone makes it easy to talk with the wearer.

If you are caring for a senior with limited mobility or who gets disoriented, CareCaller™ has an advanced feature that can’t be found on other older devices. Pre-designated contacts can text the CareCaller™ device and receive its current location quickly and easily and can even call a senior’s CareCaller™ directly to check-in and make sure they are okay. Learn more at RescueTouch .

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