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Pavlok Habit Management Wearable Wristband Review

By Samuel Kolodney 2 years ago 2217 Views No comments

I’ve tried Pavlok for about a week now and while it is technically an operant conditioning aversion therapy device, I have found that the manual use case is actually more of an exercise in mindfulness rather than aversion therapy. It is notable that the Pavlok instructions recommend manual use to break a habit as better than the automatic method.

Here's my experience. Like the instructions suggested, I picked a goal. My goal was to avoid high carb foods like cookies, chips and cakes. Once my goal was set, I put on the Pavlok with a commitment to use it when I broke my pledge to stay away from carbs.

For the first few days I wore the Pavlok, I was so afraid of what the shock might feel like that even though the device was fully charged, I didn’t eat the foods that would necessitate I shock myself.

The effectiveness of the Pavlok for me, wasn’t that I associated the “bad feeling” of a shock with my bad behavior. It was that with the wristband on, I was mindful enough when presented with the option of eating junk-food to think twice about how if I engaged in the bad behavior, I would have to live up to my commitment to deliver an unpleasant shock of unknown magnitude to myself. That turned out to be enough for me to meet my goals.

In fact, thanks to Pavlok I'm off to a good start. I lost 2lbs last week.

I ultimately did try the shock and found that, for me, the threat was far more intimidating than the actual sensation. So put on your Pavlok and remember... every decision you make is entirely under your control. The more conscious you are about the real consequences of your decisions, the better your decisions will be.

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