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The Need to Test for Loss of Protective Sensation

By Peter Allton, DPodM 2 years ago 1256 Views No comments

A podiatrist's perspective on reducing amputations due to diabetic foot ulcers

As a podiatrist with 28 years of experience, my personal passion fits in very well with what Medipin has to offer and in fact, in my book Undefeeted by diabetes, which is the spearhead of our award winning not for profit organization- Undefeeted, I cite a need for such a device to test for Loss of Protective Sensation (LOPS) when at the time of writing I was unaware of Medipin.

Medipin can help reduce amputations from diabetic neuropathy in a number of ways:

1) As a practicing Podiatrist I regularly come across patients who, although they can feel a monofilament, are unable to detect the sharpness of a neurotip pinprick (a test usually omitted from diabetic screening appointments here in the UK) These people are often unaware going forward of their level of risk of not feeling a wound that then gets no care and becomes infected.

2) Out of 194 countries only 60 of them (give or take) have Podiatrists. For people in these other countries Medipin offers a safe way to test themselves so they can be empowered by knowing their risk status.

3) Once they know their risk, they can act appropriately by altering their behavior to minimize a wound developing or in the event of a wound would be alerted to contacting a physician or attending a clinic to thoroughly diagnose the risk and obtain prophylactic treatment to prevent foot ulcers from developing.

4) Even if they can feel the pinprick sensation when they use the Medipin, there is still the benefit that they are paying attention to their feet. It has been my experience that anything that reminds patients of the importance of maintaining healthy feet and the vulnerability they have to neuropathy has to be a plus. is passionate about helping the USA to win the battle against amputations. It is our vision that every country in the world can cut their amputation rate by 2/3rds by the year 2035 so that globally the rate will be reduced from 1 every 20 seconds to 1 a minute. In the USA, with proper awareness, the number of amputations would fall from 200 a day to around 66 a day.

Medipin is an FDA listed, all-plastic precision instrument designed to avoid skin puncture while significantly heightening pinprick sensation at lower application pressures by exploiting neural lateral inhibition. To accomplish this, a specially faceted and blunted point is situated within a surrounding annular component that serves to both micro stretch the skin and create an artificial center surround field.

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