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What you need to know to prevent diabetes

By Steve Freed, R.PH., CDE 2 years ago 1062 Views No comments

The most important thing you need to know to prevent diabetes is how well your body is managing your blood sugar. In order to find this out just ask your doctor to do an A1c blood test. This test provides a 90 day average measurement of your blood sugars, every second of the day for the last 90 days of your life. Too much sugar in your blood acts like rust and attaches to every organ in your body and can cause serious damage.

Knowing your A1c number can help you prevent from getting diabetes and heart disease and all the other diseases diabetes can cause.

If you know your A1C number is high, you can change your eating habits or your physical activity to keep your blood sugars in the normal range. Even if you can’t do it with changing your diet or physical activity alone, don’t worry too much as there are 1000’s of possible medications that can help you control your blood sugars and even your weight.

In this day and age there is absolutely no reason why you should have elevated blood sugars. If you know your A1c number, then you can take action before you get diabetes or even prediabetes and improve your quality of life as you get older.

NOTE: An elevated A1c number can also increase your risk for heart disease, so find out what your A1c number is and write it down and discuss it with your medical team.

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