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Could your A1C level be the most important number in your life?

By Steve Freed, R.PH., CDE 2 years ago 698 Views No comments

If you have diabetes, or prediabetes or are overweight or even have a relative with diabetes, then YOU ARE AT RISK for kidney failure, heart attacks, strokes, blindness, loss of limbs, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and just about every disease known to man.

There is a blood test that can show you if you might be at risk. It is called the A1c test or HbA1c test or Hemoglobin A1c test. Now if you already have a risk factor for diabetes, then your doctor should have done this test when you went in to get a physical or a check up. So call your doctor's office and ask them what your last A1c result was and for your next appointment discuss the results with your doctor or nurse.

Diabetes and prediabetes can be diagnosed with the A1c test. What you need to know is that it takes years for you to possibly develop diabetes or prediabetes, but this A1c test can tell you exactly what your risk is depending upon how high the number is.

The definition of diabetes is an A1c of 6.5% or greater and every point it goes up it increases your risk for the medical issues mentioned above. The definition of prediabetes is an A1c of 5.7 to 6.4%.

The one thing we know is as we get older and our bodies slow down in metabolizing sugars. This means that as you age your A1C number will likely go up. Say you have an A1c of 5.9 (prediabetes) today, if your A1C level increases just a few more percentage points over the next few years to 6.5% then you will have diabetes.

Do you want to know your A1C number? Check out this convenient A1C Test that gives you results in 5 minutes!

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