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  • Diabetes Diet Book, Diabetes Solution Book & Secrets to Normal Blood Sugars 5 CD Set - Type 2

    Dr. Bernstein, the best-selling author of the Diabetes Solution and The Diabetes Diet, provides six hours of recorded one-on-one patient visits and candid commentary sharing precisely how to get your life back by getting your blood sugars and health in control. Learn More
  • Genteel Butterfly Touch Lancets (Box of 100)

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    Genteel Butterfly Touch Lancets are the only lancet used and recommended by Dr. Richard K. Bernstein!

    • Box of 100 superior quality lancets
    • Obtain the perfect blood draw with the least pain
    • 27.7% less pain than the next best performing lancet

    Designed to be used with the Genteel Lancing Device, Butterfly Touch Lancets are also compatible with most popular brands of lancing instruments with square-based lancet holders.

    Butterfly Touch Lancets lancets fit Auto-Lancet, BD Lancet Device, FreeStyle, Microlet, Microlet2, On Call Plus, OneTouch UltraSoft, Penlet II, Penlet Plus, Soft Touch, Soft Touch II, Vaculance and other popular lancet devices.


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  • Genteel Lancing Instrument

    -The Genteel Lancing Instrument is a comfortable alternate site lancing device. -It fits easily into the travel and organizer pouch that is included with the instrument. -Choose from the five available colors: White, Black, Blue, Pink, or Silver. -Kid Friendly! Personalize the instrument with your choice of stickers that are included -No More Fear. No More Discomfort. Learn More
  • GlucoGrafs IV Diabetes Record Forms

    1 year supply of forms used to record your medication, physical activities and blood sugars. Learn More
  • MedAngel ONE - Wireless Remote Temperature Sensor and Alarm System

    • Supports the top temperature-sensitive medications in the US and EU, including the most widely prescribed insulins and biologics
    • Smart alarms tailored to each medication
    • Waterproof sensor design made for refrigerators and cool bags
    • Up to seven days’ internal memory capacity on the sensor
    • Two-year warranty
    • High performance replaceable battery (up to 9 months)

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  • Medipin - The Diabetic Toes Test - Box of 12

    TESTING AT HOME: Educate your patients with diabetes about home testing for peripheral neuropathy – Box of 12 for Home Use - the monthly Diabetic Toes Test by Medipin - why should your patients wait? 

    Medipin is a unique single use cutaneous pinprick testing device. Its patented precision technology enhances patient pinprick sensation response, which is commonly compromised by diabetic neuropathy. 12 count box provides a year supply of Medipins along with a record chart on the back of the box. It is excellent for personal use in the home self-care setting.

    • Safe - Single use devices provide infection control.
    • Consistent - Patented design promotes high level sensitivity and testing reliability
    • Convenient - Clinically clean point exposed by easy breaway tab
    • Easy disposal - Plastic point can be easily compressed and flattened after use

    Medipin sets the standard for consistenly precise diagnosis with enhanced accuracy, safety and convenience. 

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  • NutriNerve - Natural Neuropathy Remedy

    NutriNerve been shown to support clinically meaningful improvement for the following symptoms:
    • 240 Soft Gels - 60 day supply
    • Foot Neuropathy - Stabbing pains in the feet
    • Analgesia - insensitivity to touch or pain
    • Hyperalgesia - Extreme sensitivity to touch
    • Causalgia - Burning sensations in the feet, hands and/or lower legs
    • Neuralgia - Sharp pains or cramps
    • Ataxia - Loss of balance or coordination
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  • Pavlok Habit Management Wearable Wristband

    Pavlok is a wearable wristband that provides a low intensity electric zap to help you control your bad habits or cravings that reduce your productivity.

    Pick a behavior you want to change and put on your Pavlok!

    • Use Pavlok to automatically or manually zap yourself whenever you do the habit you are ready to break
    • Your brain associates the shock with the bad habit
    • When the bad habit is no longer perceived as pleasurable it can be easily discarded
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  • ReviStim™ - Microcurrent Therapy Machine and Leg Circulation Healing Kit

    ReviStim™ - Foot Pain, Leg Pain and Wound Healing Kit provides local wound healing and pain relief by surrounding the lower leg and any potential wound site with micro-current electrical stimulation that improves micro-circulation to provide oxygen and nutrients to affected nerves.

    The Foot Pain, Leg Pain and Wound Healing Kit  includes:

    • One (1) ReviStim™ Unit
    • One (1) 36" Lead Wire
    • One (1) ReviStim™ Conductive Stocking
    • Two (2) 4.2 Ounce Tubes of Thera-Cream

    ReviStim™ is a pain management technology that provides 100% drug free, relief from chronic pain. Its micro-current electrical stimulation helps revitalize tissues and stimulate wound healing.

    • 100% drug free
    • FDA cleared for 24/7 (daytime and nighttime) use
    • Wearable, lightweight design
    • Clinically proven to treat chronic foot pain and wounds

    Try risk free with the ReviStim 30 day money back guarantee.

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