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Genteel Lancing Instrument

-The Genteel Lancing Instrument is a comfortable alternate site lancing device.

-It fits easily into the travel and organizer pouch that is included with the instrument.

-Choose from the five available colors: White, Black, Blue, Pink, or Silver.

-Kid Friendly! Personalize the instrument with your choice of stickers that are included

-No More Fear. No More Discomfort.

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The Genteel Lancing Instrument is a comfortable alternate site lancing device.


It provides a comfortable blood draw for both adults and children. Offering both comfortable finger and alternate site testing options, Genteel is ideal for anyone needing a small drop of test blood, such as diabetics, those on blood-thinners, or patients using at-home test kits.

Genteel eliminates the usual discomfort and associated anxiety of lancing using a combination of vacuum, precise depth control, and vibration. Genteel is used in the same way as conventional lance holders and comfortably fits into the hands of adults and children. Its patented Nozzle/Contact Tip Assembly allows the lancet to penetrate just deep enough to touch the close-to-the-surface blood capillaries, but never the deeper pain nerves. Accurate draw, whether from fingers or alternate sites, guarantees the right amount of blood will be drawn every time, without the need to ever squeeze the lance site.

Genteel works with most FDA-approved square shaft lancets, test strips and meters, allowing your patients to continue using whatever testing supplies they are most familiar and comfortable with. Unlike other lancing devices, patients have the freedom to choose from their five available colors. Genteel also comes with its own Travel & Organizer Pouch, Belt and Pouch Holding Clip, two Nozzles, 6 Contact Tips, and a kid friendly sticker sheet so Genteel can be personalized to reduce a child’s apprehension.

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