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MedAngel ONE - Wireless Remote Temperature Sensor and Alarm System

• Supports the top temperature-sensitive medications in the US and EU, including the most widely prescribed insulins and biologics
• Smart alarms tailored to each medication
• Waterproof sensor design made for refrigerators and cool bags
• Up to seven days’ internal memory capacity on the sensor
• Two-year warranty
• High performance replaceable battery (up to 9 months)

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If you or someone you love regularly takes medications (like insulin or other hormones) that can lose their effectiveness when exposed to temperatures outside a specific safe range, MedAngel can be a life saver.

The MedAngelONE system monitors medication temperature to ensure patients are aware of events that could cause potential loss of potency of their prescriptions. It combines a high-tech wireless temperature sensor with a mobile application you download to your mobile device. The MedAngel temperature sensor is designed to be placed with the volatile medication to continuously measure the ambient temperature. The sensor in turn communicates up to two days of temperature data to your mobile device via Bluetooth where all historical temperature data is stored. The MedAngelONE mobile application is designed to set off an alarm that alerts the user when the temperature approaches or exceeds the safe range for the specific medication being tracked.

MedAngelONE is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphones and works in conjunction with the MedAngelONE mobile application that can be downloaded for free from the iPhone App Store or Android Play Store.

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