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Diabetes Care Supplies

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  • FRIO Large Cooling Wallet

    5 1/2 x 7 1/2
    An innovative product that solves the problem of keeping diabetes bottles & pens at a safe temperature without the need of refrigeration, in an effective and economical way. A must have item for every treatment Dependent Diabetes sufferer. Learn More

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  • Bayer Contour Next EZ Diabetes Glucose Meter Kit

    Recommended by Dr. Bernstein for accuracy!

    • Bayer Contour NEXT technology provides highly accurate results by evaluating each blood sample you take seven times to obtain a single reading. 
    • Fast results in five seconds!
    • Requires very small sample size of just 0.6 μL
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  • Genteel Butterfly Touch Lancets (Box of 100)

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    Genteel Butterfly Touch Lancets are the only lancet used and recommended by Dr. Richard K. Bernstein!

    • Box of 100 superior quality lancets
    • Obtain the perfect blood draw with the least pain
    • 27.7% less pain than the next best performing lancet

    Designed to be used with the Genteel Lancing Device, Butterfly Touch Lancets are also compatible with most popular brands of lancing instruments with square-based lancet holders.

    Butterfly Touch Lancets lancets fit Auto-Lancet, BD Lancet Device, FreeStyle, Microlet, Microlet2, On Call Plus, OneTouch UltraSoft, Penlet II, Penlet Plus, Soft Touch, Soft Touch II, Vaculance and other popular lancet devices.


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    This kit includes:

    • One (1) True Draw Lancing Device
    • Instruction Guide
    • Ten (10) Lancets
    • This device is not compatible with Accu Chek or Onetouch Delica lancets
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  • Pure Pharma Grade DMSO Solvent - 3oz Roll-On Bottle

    DMSO is a solvent that quickly penetrates through the skin and can transport other compounds with it deep into the dermal and muscle tissues.

    • As recommended by Dr. Bernstein
    • 99.998% Pure Pharma Grade DMSO Solvent
    • Convenient Roll-On Bottle
    • Packed in BPA free plastic
    • Made in The USA
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  • Wright Prefilled Syringe Case - 2 pack

    Secure your prefilled syringe in this convenient carrying case that easily fits in your pocket or purse. About the size of a fountain pen with a handy clip, each Wright Prefilled Syringe Case makes it easy to carry brand name syringes like B-D, E-Z JECT, TERUMO or PharmaPlast prefilled with your insulin. The internal compartment design safely holds the syringe plunger in your preset dosage position. Made from impact resistant polypropylene, the 2 case pack comes with a black and a white case.

    • Compact pen style design
    • Includes 1 black and 1 white case
    • Made of impact resistant polypropylene
    • Holds syringe securely in place
    • Incremental slotting holds plunger in your preset position

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  • Olympian Labs pH Papers - 6.0-8.0 Range - 15 ft

    Olympian Labs pH Papers - 6.0-8.0 Range - 15 ft Learn More
  • Medipin - The Diabetic Toes Test - Box of 12

    TESTING AT HOME: Educate your patients with diabetes about home testing for peripheral neuropathy – Box of 12 for Home Use - the monthly Diabetic Toes Test by Medipin - why should your patients wait? 

    Medipin is a unique single use cutaneous pinprick testing device. Its patented precision technology enhances patient pinprick sensation response, which is commonly compromised by diabetic neuropathy. 12 count box provides a year supply of Medipins along with a record chart on the back of the box. It is excellent for personal use in the home self-care setting.

    • Safe - Single use devices provide infection control.
    • Consistent - Patented design promotes high level sensitivity and testing reliability
    • Convenient - Clinically clean point exposed by easy breaway tab
    • Easy disposal - Plastic point can be easily compressed and flattened after use

    Medipin sets the standard for consistenly precise diagnosis with enhanced accuracy, safety and convenience. 

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  • Dental Air Force Professional Teeth Cleaning System

    Finally, a professional teeth cleaning system for home use! The Dental Air Force cleans your teeth better than a toothbrush, dental floss and a water irrigation device combined. Compressed air oxygenates between the teeth and forces out debris and bacteria Specially formulated powder cleaner (sold separately) cleans teeth and freshens breath as it neutralizes acid Water flushes particles away Hydrogen peroxide may be used to whiten teeth You'll never want to brush your teeth again! Learn More
  • GiantBiosensor Hypoglycemia Low Blood Sugar Alarm

    If you have diabetes, you know monitoring blood sugar levels especially while sleeping can be a serious problem. If your blood sugar goes too low you may develop hypoglycemia, which can be deadly.

    The GiantBiosensor Hypoglycemia Low Blood Sugar Alarm detects changes in your skin and body temperature, which can be symptoms indicative of hypoglycemia.

    Designed to be worn at night while sleeping, it fits comfortably on your wrist or ankle and gently alerts you when these symptoms occur. Wear the GiantBiosensor Hypoglycemia Low Blood Sugar Alarm to give you peace of mind while you sleep.

    Learn More

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