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Dental Air Force Professional Teeth Cleaning System

Finally, a professional teeth cleaning system for home use!

The Dental Air Force cleans your teeth better than a toothbrush, dental floss and a water irrigation device combined.

Compressed air oxygenates between the teeth and forces out debris and bacteria
Specially formulated powder cleaner (sold separately) cleans teeth and freshens breath as it neutralizes acid
Water flushes particles away
Hydrogen peroxide may be used to whiten teeth

You'll never want to brush your teeth again!

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The Dental Air Force Teeth Cleaning System gives you the benefits of a professional dental cleaning instrument in a convenient portable machine designed for home use. The bacteria responsible for plaque formation thrive in an oxygen poor, acid environment with food particles to feed off. Designed by a dentist, the Dental Air Force uses three components to eliminate the conditions that cause bacterial and plaque build-up between the teeth and along the gum line. The first component is a powerful jet of compressed air that oxygenates the area between the teeth and gums killing anaerobic bacteria where they normally thrive. The second component is a powder cleaner that strips away filmy plaque better than a tooth brush as it simultaneously neutralizes the acid environment in the mouth. The third component is water that irrigates away the food particles and bacteria that commonly get wedged between the teeth. The Dental Air Force system can also be used to provide professional teeth whitening treatments by replacing some or all of the water normally used with hydrogen peroxide.

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