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Acnizil Silver Acne Gel 1.5oz

Acnizil combines the natural bactericidal properties of silver with nano technology to make it more effective in controlling acne. While antibiotics can create bacterial resistance and cause toxic side effects, natural nano silver in Acnizil kills bacteria completely and continuously.

Acnizil offers gentle acne management without side effects. It contains only three ingredients:

  • A Proprietary Silver Solution

  • Triethalomine (TEA)

  • Carbomer

Clear your skin without excessive drying that accompanies traditional acne treatments!

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Acnizil is a new scientifically engineered nanotechnology product for the management of acne. It active ingredient is a patented nano-silver molecule proven to kill the bacteria that causes acne - P . acnes. The result is a new safe and effective treatment that is hypoallergenic and non-irritating to your skin.

Acnizil does not use harsh ingredients found in common acne treatments including:

  • Acids like Salicylic Acid - Can irritate your face
  • Alcohol - Can cause excessive skin dryness
  • Benzyol peroxide – Can cause premature aging and sun sensitivity
  • Parabens – Can interfere with normal hormone production
  • Artificial color – Can be carcinogenic and create allergic sensitivities
  • Any type of fragrance – Can cause allergic reactions like dermatitis


Acnizil is made with a patented nanoparticulate silver clinically proven to kill the Propionibacterium acnes (P . acnes) bacteria. In a clinical study, the P . acnes bacteria was exposed to Acnizil, which killed the bacteria on contact and continuously for the 24 hours the test was run.

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