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ReviStim™ - Microcurrent Therapy Machine and Pain Relief Kit

ReviStim™ - Local Foot Pain Relief Kit provides local foot pain relief by stimulating nerve ending and acupuncture sites on the foot.

The Local Foot Pain Relief Kit includes:

• One (1) ReviStim™ Unit
• One (1) 36" Lead wire
• One (1) 5.75" x 4" Self Adhesive Butterfly Electrode
• Four (4) 1.25" tab electrodes

ReviStim™ is a pain management technology that provides 100% drug free, relief from chronic pain. Its micro-current electrical stimulation helps revitalize tissues and stimulate wound healing.

• 100% drug free
• FDA cleared for 24/7 (daytime and nighttime) use
• Wearable, lightweight design
• Clinically proven to treat chronic foot pain

Try risk free with the ReviStim 30 day money back guarantee.

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ReviStim™ - Local Foot Pain Relief Kit provides local pain relief with one of two electrode types. The tab electrodes relieve pain by stimulating nerve ending and acupuncture sites on the foot with micro-current electrical stimulation, while the butterfly electrode can be used on the back, shoulder, knee to provide deep microcurrent therapy that improves circulation and relieves pain.


  • provides 100% drug-free relief from chronic pain
  • micro-current electrical stimulation helps revitalize tissues and stimulate wound healing
  • scientifically and clinically proven to stimulate revitalization of damaged cells and tissues in the area of pain rather than simply block the perception of pain
  • try risk free with 30 day money back guarantee


  • FDA cleared for 24/7 use
  • small, lightweight wearable device 
  • two treatment programs
  1. 30-minute treatment
  2. eight-hour treatment that cycles on for 20 minutes and off for 40 minutes

The eight-hour treatment program is perfect for nighttime use, which optimizes the natural healing cycles of the body while you sleep.

Pain is a message that something is not right

When you experience pain associated with trauma, inflammation and swelling, it is your body signaling the area needs to stop being damaged with repeated mechanical assaults. Simply blocking pain allows you to continue acting as if nothing was wrong, which only make things worse in the long run.

ReviStim reduces pain through healing instead of concealing
When you experience pain, your first instinct is to stop it as quickly as possible. However, sometimes the quickest solution doesn’t actually solve the problem at all. Instead, it simply stops your awareness of the problem while the underlying cause continues to get worse.

ReviStim helps the healing begin
Inflammation and swelling, causes poor micro-circulation at the point of the injury that creates a build-up of lactic acid, carbon-dioxide and metabolic waste. You experience pain when the injured cells let you know they cannot survive in this unhealthy environment. In order to be healthy, your cells and nerves need oxygen and nutrition, which are increased by improving micro-circulation. Clinical research has proven that using electrical micro-currents increases micro-circulation. The electrical micro-currents produced by ReviStim are barely perceptible and similar to those naturally produced by the body.

The science behind micro-current stimulation
The first measurement of electrical currents generated by injured tissue was documented 150 years ago by Dubois-Reymond in 1843, where he measured approximately 1 microampere of current from a wound in human skin. More recently in 1980, Illingsworth and Barker measured the current generated by the amputated stump of a child's finger-tip and found it to be between 10-30 microamps per square centimeter.

Additional research on micro-current treatment for soft-tissue injury have shown an accelerated healing of skin ulcers and an associated suppression of bacterial growth. In one study the group treated with micro-current stimulation showed 200 - 350% faster healing rates with stronger scar tissue and antibacterial effects in infected wounds. Another study demonstrated healing times 100% faster than those not receiving micro-current stimulation. Micro-current stimulation has been shown to improve ATP (cellular energy) generation by nearly 500%, and an increase in amino acid transport by 30 to 40 percent. Many other studies have been published with similar results.

More is not always better
In contrast to the micro-current stimulation provided by ReviStim, researchers have found that when electric currents are increased to the milliampere range, ATP generation was depleted, amino acid uptake was reduced by 20-73 percent and protein synthesis was inhibited by as much as 50%. These findings suggest that the higher milliamp currents, commonly used to mask the effects of pain, actually inhibit healing where lower micro-currents used by ReviStim promote healing.

Modern uses of micro-currents
Recent studies demonstrated the effects of microcurrent in accelerating healing of bone, tendon repairs, and collagen remodeling. Implanted electrodes that delivered 10-20 microamps of electrical current were found to shorten the recovery time for Olympic athletes with ruptured ligaments and tendons. Micro-current stimulation was documented to reduce the recovery period from 18 months to 6 months. (Stanish 1984).

ReviStim prescription technology is now available as an over the counter therapy
ReviStim offers two preprogrammed treatment options that can be administered during the day or at night. ReviStim micro-current stimulation is perfect for nighttime therapy because the low level current is nearly imperceptible. Additionally, nighttime therapy has the added benefit in that it complements your body’s natural healing cycles.

Previously only available with a prescription, ReviStim technology puts the healing power of revitalizing micro-current stimulation in the palm of your hand for a fraction of the cost of prescription devices with the same functionality. 


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